Optm ZTMesh

ZTMesh allows organizations to deploy a Zero-Trust Architecture to provide secure, authenticated, and authorized access to any number of user devices, servers, and virtual machines; on-prem, in the cloud, and at home, all across multiple geographies.

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Easily Deployed, Highly Scalable

ZTMesh allows organizations to deploy and manage a network mesh security architecture that permeates and protects any number of servers and employee devices. Scalable from small businesses to global enterprises, ZTMesh allows authorized users to easily access any approved business app or service, while ensuring that all traffic is authenticated and encrypted.

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Incremental Deployment

ZTMesh allows companies to migrate to a Zero-Trust Architecture at their own pace; expanding from a small set of initial devices and perimeter protection to an enterprise-wide deployment.

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Plays Nicely with Others

ZTMesh-enabled servers can coexist with existing network infrastructure to secure the most critical IT resources.

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Seamless Scaling

With no need to route traffic through gateways or concentrators, ZTMesh improves network performance, no matter the number of users or devices and without any additional hardware.

A Single Solution with Global Coverage

ZTMesh enables organizations to create a single, secure network for devices that are spread across multiple clouds, offices, data centers, and homes.

So Much More than a VPN

Unlike VPNs that gate communications and data exchange, ZTMesh facilitates secure networking by bringing strong endpoint protection to individual devices, creating a highly secure virtual mesh network without the cost of added hardware.

More Secure

Lower Latency

Easier to Deploy

Simple to Manage

More Affordable

Access Anything, from Anywhere

ZTMesh was built for today’s mobile and remote workforce and for both on-prem and cloud services, allowing employee devices or servers to migrate across different networks and geographies without disrupting network services or compromising security – making it an ideal way to deploy a work-from-anywhere security solution.

No configuring firewalls or VPNs
Secure on-prem & cloud access
All authenticated and encrypted
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Simplified, Centralized Management

Unlike traditional environments with multiple VPN gateways, firewalls, and configurations, ZTMesh security is managed from Optm’s simple and modern Optmate portal. Optmate makes it easy to view and configure your entire network, allowing for uniform access control policy management.

User and device access rules can be managed by:

Classes of Service

Wide-Angle & Close-up

ZTMesh integrates with Optm Korlate to provide full observability into all security and data components on the ZTMesh network, including:

Traffic Flows
Policy-Based Denials
Traffic Volume

Administrators can easily identify and act on hotspots, unused services, and active vs. dormant users.

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Learn More About Optm ZTMesh

Contact us to learn more about how ZTMesh can help your organization deliver Zero-Trust security across user devices, servers, and virtual machines – regardless of physical location.