The Optmate Platform

Optmate makes it easy to deploy and manage all Optm products and services. Its simple and modern user interface allows administrators to configure, manage, and observe all Optm product offerings from a single dashboard.

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Simple, centralized control enables management of zero-trust security products and practices

The Optmate Platform connects talent and processes with Optm technology to drive better business outcomes.

Modern User Interface

Multiple domains and services are harmonized in Optmate's easy-to-use management portal

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Rapid Deployment

Optm ZTMesh, Optm Bridge, and Optm Advisor deployments are just a few clicks away.

Work from Anywhere Management

Optmate enables simplified configuration and management of data access policies, regardless of employee location.

A View from Above

Optmate's dashboard, Korlate, provides IT security teams with a holistic, unified, view and access control of employee devices and company servers, on-prem and in the cloud

Centralized Controls

Optmate unifies access control policy management making it simple to deploy, change, and revoke access privileges.

IT Observability

Correlates events across multiple devices and services, presenting pertinent data for rapid alerting, diagnostics, and forensics.

Simplified Management

Users and devices can be grouped by attributes, enabling the management of access rules for groups and classes of services.

Smart IT Automation

Optmate's powerful user interface allows
IT administrators to create automated actions based on event triggers.

Holistic Observability with Optm Korlate

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Time-saving, real-time answers

Korlate provides unique views of ZTMesh network security activity and events in a single dashboard. Views can be filtered and surfaced by attributes and correlated events generated across multiple devices, services, and geographies.

Intelligent Insights, Enhanced Security, & Modular Expandability

Optm Korlate integrates seamlessly with ZTMesh to track all data aspects of the network, including authentications, traffic flows, policy-based denials, and traffic volume. Administrators can identify hotspots, unused services, and active vs. dormant users.

Unified Observability

Korlate surfaces and reports on correlated events from multiple services, employee devices, servers, and cloud instances.

Asset and Access Tracking

Identify and track individual user or group level activity across different networks, geographies, and equipment inventory.

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Intuitive Dashboard

An easy-to-use interface allows customization and creation of new Korlate views.

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Managing IT Network Security & Task Automation

Security permeates every Optmate-connected service and interaction

Zero Trust Architecture

Supports deployment of Optm ZTMesh network security across all users, devices, and service endpoints

Threat Remediation

Provides centralized dashboard for network security advisories, updates, and events

Role-Based Access Control

Ensures that only authorized users can access data based on organizational assignment

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Supports Single Sign-On

Simplifies and automates provisioning of access control in support of existing SSO services

Multi-Factor Authentication

Requires a minimum of two trusted forms of digital identity verification

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