Network Discovery and Configuration

Increase network up-time, security and responsiveness

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Optimize the control of your network with unparalleled automation, visibility and continuous insight

Diverse and siloed architectures, complex cloud architectures and a plethora of multiple vendors make network infrastructures are more complex than ever. IT teams struggle to keep up with increasing demands on performance, service deliver and reliability. Optm can help your network engineering teams to increase network up-time, security and responsiveness, enforce policy & compliance, and reduce risk of breaches, plus automate network changes, provisioning, analysis and insights.

Comprehensive network discovery (physical, multi-vendor and virtual network devices and end hosts.

Discover network constructs and topologies, including layer 3 virtual routing and VRFs as well as subnets, routes, VLAN’s, VRPP pairs and more.

Identify hidden configuration problems with automated network configuration analysis before significant service availability arise.

Enforce, standardize and automate change automation processes and complex network changes, at scale.

Accelerate analysis and remediation of both current and historical issues.

Enable administrative and operations teams to conduct repetitive tasks without involvement of senior network engineering teams and architects.

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