Cloud Security Services

We understand the power of the cloud, its complexities, and the risks that the cloud represents. That’s why Optm’s industry-leading cloud security service is designed to protect applications, secure data, ensure compliance, and provide coverage across the entire cloud technology stack.

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Secure Central Monitoring

By centrally monitoring data at rest, data in motion, and access to services across all cloud instances and SaaS offerings, Optm protects all your cloud investments, offering our customers immediate:


Security Alerting


Remote Remediation


Follow-on Improvements

In-Depth Governance and Compliance Protocols

Always-on Security

Continuously monitor all cloud resources for risks and compliance violations

Intuitive Administration

Visualize risk and prioritize security issues based on severity

Enforced Compliance

Adhere to government- and company-mandated compliance requirements

Container, Serverless, and Host Protection

Employ container image analysis and vulnerability scanning across the entire container lifecycle, from development through production, including registry analysis and runtime checks.
Enforce least-privileged access micro-segmentation policies based on automatically learned network traffic flows.
Deploy Layer 4 and web application firewalls (WAFs) to secure traffic into and between your cloud-native apps and microservices.
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Empower Your DevOps and SecOps Teams

Your team knows your systems better than anyone else – that’s why Optm’s cloud security gives your DevSecOps teams the tools they need to keep everything up and running securely 24/7/365.

Early Warnings

Identify security issues early in the application lifecycle and ensure compromised code never reaches production.

Customizable Policies

Implement security guardrails to prevent vulnerabilities and unsecured configuration issues from progressing forward in DevOps pipelines.

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Complete Protection

Integrate vulnerability and infrastructure-as-code configuration scanning into CI/CD pipelines, registries, and Integrated Development Environments.

Pre-Programmed and Guided Remediation

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Automated Responses

Configure automated responses that fit your needs or alerts to notify your team when issues are discovered.

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Best Practice Recommendations

When violations are found, we guide your team through the remediation process, or you can choose to automatically make the required changes in resources when detected.

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