Optm Bridge

Bridge unifies access to services between on-prem installations and the cloud for cohesive workflow management.

city high rise photo with mesh overlay to illustrate Optm products like ZTMesh and Bridge
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Enabling the creation of workflows between systems

Optm Bridge enables the integration of your critical authoritative network data into your larger ecosystem. Offering the configurability, auditability, and maintainability that is too often missing in custom engagements. Unlike one-off bespoke scripts, Optm Bridge is delivered as a product, complete with a continual development roadmap and the support that modern operations groups demand.

Improve the efficiency, productivity, and quality of your operational integrations

Enhance the value of your business data through integration, increasing its accuracy, accessibility, and timeliness

Integration workflows connect your on-premises, hybrid and cloud-based processes, services and applications

Connect to higher level workflows, often missed by traditional notification-type data workflows

Solve business problems not addressed with your current integration scripts, data lakes and middleware solutions

Enable your team with enhanced logging, upgradability, status reporting and user and business analytics

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