Optm AutoHR is a workflow automation module that provides state and local governments with digital transformation that reduces paper-based costs and enhances productivity and efficiency for employees, managers, and HR specialists.

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AutoHR Simplifies Management of the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Employee Profile manages information and tracks changes during an employee’s tenure. Information collected through this module is integrated throughout the system and used to populate many employee HR request forms.

Position Control allows departments to track position number, classification, salary range, position authority, and information about the current incumbent and date of vacancy.

Request for Personnel Action (RPA) enacts changes to a position including reclassification, promotions, redirections, and vacancies. Manages and tracks recruitment processes, job posting, eligibility verification, and pre-hire requirements. Fully integrated with position control to automatically kick-off onboarding.

Form 700 collects information necessary to complete Form 700 filing when required by the Fair Political Practices Commission. Our Form 700 integration is also approved for electronic filing direct with the FPPC.

Timesheet employs an intuitive calendar-based user interface and compares leave usage against reported leave balances. It also calculates reported hours against expected hours and automatically identifies state holidays.

AutoHR diagram showing six segments labeled position control, timesheets, form 700, employee profile, and RPA
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HR Workflow Automation

Human resources and training workflow automation that helps organizations manage, approve, and track external employee training from the initial request to payment, including the generation of state-approved training request forms.

Automated Onboarding

Automatically request new employee training enrollment during the onboarding process

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Everything in One Place

Integrate employee training directly into performance appraisals and individual development plans


Simple Training Solutions

Seamlessly request and track external training within a single employee file

Central Training Repository

A Single Pane of Glass

Training information for all employees conveniently available through our easy-to-use portal

Assignments Made Simple

Department training workflows can be easily segmented out to all members of a team or department

Intuitive Tracking System

Compliance tracking for mandated training and professional development opportunities

Designed Specifically for State and Local Governments

By maintaining both position-centric and employee-centric records, AutoHR is able to produce signed and completed versions of Standard State Forms.

Easily Configurable

Secure Cloud-Hosted

Intuitive User Dashboard

No Hardware Costs or Plug-ins

Little to No Training Required

Tailored for Government Use

Specially Configured Reports

Active Directory and SSO Interface

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