Why Optm

Organizations of every size are searching for ways to enhance cybersecurity, increase productivity, and minimize downtime across different platforms and teams. Optm provides software solutions that optimize people, technology, and management to increase security, minimize downtime, and drive drive better business outcomes for our customers.

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The Quest to Secure, Observe, & Simplify

A typical organization runs on a patchwork of siloed security platforms, reporting dashboards, and alerting systems – often with varying types of authentication and disconnected permissions. Optm was founded with the sole goal of simplifying and uniting these complex systems; enhancing security, increasing uptime, and greatly reducing the risk of a data breach for our customers.

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Global Team, Single Vision

Optm's multinational team across the United States, Canada, and Europe connect talent, processes, and technology to provide robust security solutions, enhanced observability, and easy-to-use IT tools to organizations across the world.

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Optm is Trusted by Leading Organizations Worldwide

Optm orchestrates and optimizes business applications, services, security, and compliance for many of the world’s largest companies and public sector organizations. Our dedicated team, platform, and software products make applications, networks, and services more agile, more observable, and more dependable. In the cloud, and from our locations around the globe, we are driving positive business outcomes that maximize our customers’ investments and translate directly to their bottom line.

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