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ZTMesh: Next-Gen VPN Alternative

Zero trust network security for every machine, user, and device, both inside and outside of your enterprise.

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End-to-End Network Security

Traditional VPNs secure networks from outside threats, but leave traffic inside a network exposed to cyber attacks. ZTMesh™ transcends traditional VPNs by enabling secure point-to-point connections between every machine, user, and device, both inside and outside of your corporate network.

Simple to deploy and manage

Elastic Scalability

No changes to existing firewalls or routers

Connects with leading identity providers

The Envy of VPNs Everywhere

ZTMesh™ uses state-of-the-art mesh technology and cryptography to advance your organization from VPNs to ZTNA (zero trust network access), extending your network security beyond its perimeter to each and every individual device.

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Unlike traditional VPNs, ZTMesh secures network access both inside and outside of your enterprise

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Allow seamless migration between on-prem and cloud services

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Centralize policy management and auditing via intuitive web interface; no need to edit or read configuration files

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Bring security and SSO authentication to non-SSO-enabled services

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Reduce VPN CapEx – no dedicated hardware required

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Expand access incrementally to support ZTNA for an entire organization

Simple, Secure, Enterprise-Grade

Optm's solutions connect talent, processes, and technology, to provide unprecedented security and enhanced observability for our customers

Offering continuous monitoring and a curated feed of security advisory and lifecycle data

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Unifying access to services between on-prem installations and the cloud for cohesive, centralized management

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Automotive Security

Connected car software solutions that address the unique security and communication challenges of automotive OEMs.

Optm Korlate

Korlate provides unparalleled observability and reporting for all Optm products, including ZTMesh network security activity and events, in a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Unified Observability

Korlate surfaces and reports on correlated events from multiple services, employee devices, servers and cloud instances.

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Asset and Access Tracking

Identify and track individual user or group level activity across different networks, geographies, and equipment inventory.

Intuitive Dashboard

Easy drag-and-drop interface allows customization and creation of new Korlate views – no coding necessary.

Optm ZTMesh Korlate dashboard user interface showing an assortment of graphs and data
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The Optmate Platform

Optmate makes it easy to deploy and manage all Optm solutions and services. Its simple, modern user interface allows administrators to view and configure all Optm products from a single dashboard.

Centralized Control

Optmate unifies access control policy management making it simple to deploy, change, and revoke access privileges.

Simplified Management

Users and devices can be grouped by attributes, enabling the management of access rules for groups and classes of services.

Secure Access

Optmate integrates with leading identity providers to offer quick, easy setup and access control management across Optm's product suite.

Professional Services

Optm delivers the solutions you require to operate and successfully implement your strategic goals.

Streamlined Management

Optm's solutions enables enhanced security while providing easy-to-use tools to reduce IT workload.

Core Networking Services

Core Network Services are the solid foundation for building secure, compliant networks.


Full-stack visibility with automated operations within a single platform.


Optm helps you detect and mitigate threats quickly, ensuring peak performance of your security ecosystem.

Network Automation + Compliance

Automate routine tasks such as device discovery, configuration, provisioning and security.

Optm helps a Big 5 Consulting firm assess, plan and optimize critical network services

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Health care company optimizes the visibility, automation and control of their network

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One Team, One Vision

Organizations of every size are searching for ways to enhance security and realize cost-savings opportunities in their operations. Optm assembled some of the sharpest minds in the industry to build the next generation of zero trust network access and IT observability solutions.

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Optm’s innovative software and SaaS deployments allow for easy integration with other software and service partners. Optm enjoys partnerships with the top names in business software and cloud services, including:

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